NASH Nine: Throw the Best Pool Party Ever!

If you are that person in the friend group with a pool, you are expected to throw an epic pool party, annually. So, here are a few tips from us on how to do that!

#1: Have the best floats

It’s obvious your not a cool pool owner these days, if you don’t own one of those giant obnoxious floats. The good news is, they come in all sorts of characters; you can got one that looks like a cupcake or one that is shaped like Kim Kardashian’s butt.. The point is people love giant floats.

#2: Your favorite tunes

This may be an obvious one but, what pool party doesn’t have the most recent jams blasting?

#3: A full cooler/bar

Being out in the sun all day requires hydration, and re-hydration! Be sure to also have a few non-alcoholic drinks for those who don’t drink!


Swimming and drinking will make for some hungry guest! Finger foods or hamburgers and hotdogs are always crowd favorites by the pool.

#5: Volleyball net

You don’t have to actually have a net, you can always improvise with a rope or float. But, every good pool party has had an epic in-pool volleyball game!

#6: Other activities

Sure, the pool and a great cocktail would be just fine but, adding corn-hole or other games will keep the party going all night long!

#7: Seating arrangement

You want to be sure your guests are comfortable, and you know there will be some guest who want to lay out and catch a tan. Be sure there is enough room for everyone, so no one gets knocked in to the pool!

#8: Sunscreen & Bug spray

As a host with a pool, you must realize that guests are forgetful, and it is your duty to be prepared for everything. It is a good idea to have a few different bottles around the party area.

#9: Decorations!

Tiki torches and lei’s, make your guest feel like they are at a luau! A personal favorite is to string lights above the pool or around the yard for when it gets dark!


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