NASH Nine: Things People Say Around Back to School Time

Whether you are a parent, student, or former student, I guarantee you have said at least one of these things about back to school time before.

#1: “The school year gets earlier and earlier every year!”

Yep, so true. This year, some counties went back on August 1st!

#2: “If you don’t have kids, don’t go anywhere on Tax-Free weekend.”

Also true. Not every state has a tax-free weekend, so not everyone understands the struggle. But if you know, you know.

#3: “Did you finish your summer reading?”

Is that even actually a thing?

#4: “I haven’t written anything all summer, I’m not sure if I can still write!”

You know what I mean. That first week of school handwriting is not pretty.

#5: “I got to campus an hour before my first class started, and I was still five minutes late to class.”

If you had to go to a new school on the first day, you will understand.

#6: “How was your summer?”

Not long enough..

#7: “Are you excited for school to start?”

Oh yeah! Said no one, ever.

#8: That family member that never knows how old you are:  “So what grade will you be in this year?”

For the tenth time Aunt Tina, I graduated two years ago..

#9: “You are going to make all A’s this year, right?”

Yes, because I can definitely see the future.


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