NASH Nine: Reasons We Love Football Season

Football time in the South is a serious matter. We wait all year and bear through baseball season to get here. These are the reasons why..

#9: Alma-Maters

Football season brings back memories of high school and college games that we get to tell stories of every weekend!

#8: Heritage

Once you have a team, that team will get passed down from generation to generation.

#7: Monday Nigh Football

Mondays suck. But there’s something about MNF that has us rushing through the weekend.

#6: Fantasy Football

The only thing better than teasing a friend about their loosing team is, teasing a friend about beating their loosing FF team.

#5: Rivalry

Everyone has a team they love and a team they absolutely loathe. That’s football.

#4: Friendships

When you are walking down the street and see someone sporting your team, you yell out a quick chant and they chant it back at you… that’s football.

#3: Super Bowl

At what point will we make this a national holiday and everyone is off work the day after?

#2: Tradition

Whether it is smacking a sign in the locker room or a certain handshake, every team and their fans take these traditions seriously.


Last but not least, the reason that gets everyone to the games. The grills, the drinks, the corn-hole, the team spirit.. this is football.


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