Official Trip Around the Sun Pre-Party!

Party with NASH FM 103.3 and Brandon Lay on Friday, August 10th!

Tin Roof Broadway – 316 Broadway – Nashville, TN 37201

It’s the official “Trip Around the Sun” pre-party featuring Brandon Lay! Enjoy specialty cocktails featuring Blue Chair Bay, lots of fun and your chance to win last chance tickets!

Plus, Brandon Lay performs live at Tin Roof Broadway!

It’s the Official “Trip Around the Sun” Pre-Party with NASH FM 103.3!



The Best Indoor Activities in Music City

WINTER IS COMING! (if you caught that Game of Thrones reference, brownie points for you.) It’s gonna get cold soon which means it’s gonna become unpleasant to be outside. There are so many indoor activities in Nashville like indoor trampolines, Escape Game, and ice skating. Check out the list that Nashville Guru compiled here!