NASH Nine: How to Finally Get Your Life Together with New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of every New Year, everyone decides it’s the best time to finally get their life together. Typically, we only last a few weeks until we all give up and fall back into our same old habits until next January comes. But 2018 is different because wE’RE FINALLY GONNA DO IT THIS TIME. So let’s get those lives together shall we? Here are some tips for making some resolutions you can stick to.

#1. Figure Out Which of Your Habits are No Good

Do you want to lost weight? Do you want to quit your job and find something you actually like to do? Do you want to quit smoking? Figure out the unhealthy habits in your life so we can create some resolutions that will smush those crappy habits of yours.


#2. Make a List of Things that Make You HAPPY

Do you like to swim? Do you enjoy going to church? Do you want to start writing again? Do you enjoy spending time with your family? Write down a list of things that make you happy. Then we’ll craft some of our resolutions around that list!


#3. Craft Your Goals Around Your Bad Habits List and Happiness List

Okay, so after we make our list of bad habits and the list of things that make us happy, let’s begin setting goals! For instance, do you like to swim and do you want to lose weight? How about joining your local swim team and attending a few practices a week? Of if you want to spend more time with your family, how about setting aside one night a week to always spend with the fam. Keep making goals until you’ve covered all your bad habits that need to be dropped and all the things that make you happy!


#4. Make your Resolutions Attainable, Dang it

Nobody can lose 30 pounds in a month or completely turn their life around on a dime. It takes hard work and patience. Starting new healthy habits and breaking old bad habits all at once can be stressful and overwhelming! So make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to complete some of your goals or put them into action. You can DO this! You’re allowed to give yourself a little grace, though.


#5. Make Smaller Month to Month Goals Under Each Big Resolution

If you want to lose weight, plan a gradual workout plan that you can stick to. Increase the intensity by the week or the month. It’ll make it easier to reach your larger resolution goals! Or if you want to read a book every week by the end of the year, start with finishing a book a month and gradually make that time limit smaller until you reach your goal! These smaller goals will prevent you from getting overwhelmed by your larger resolutions and will keep you sane


#6. Look Over Your Resolutions EVERYDAY

In order to focus and remind yourself how important your resolutions are, remember to look over your list of resolutions EVERYDAY. They’ll be fresh in your mind All. THE. TIME.


#7. Only Make These Resolutions if You Have an Actual Desire to Change

The only way on this earth that you will keep your resolutions is if you are COMPLETELY sure that you want to change your ways. If your heart is not fully in this process, you won’t last one month. However, if you really want to git er done and change your life, you can totally do this!


#8. Track Your Progress

Cross off those little goals as you complete them! Keep track of how much weight you lost or how many books you’ve read. Progress is the best way to keep your drive and spirits up!



Hey, you can totally do this. You’ve made your bad habits list, you’ve made your happiness list, you crafted your resolutions, you have smaller goals to complete, and you WANT TO CHANGE. Nothing can stop you. I BELIEVE IN YOU. Now go get your life together.


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