NASH Nine: Going to Your Bae’s Home for the First Time

Okay, relationships can be stressful. Meeting the fam for the first time is even more stressful. BUT here are 9 tips to help you impress your S/O’s family when you visit them for the first time.

Tip #1 – Before you even get to their house, figure out who you’ll be meeting

Mom? Step-dad? Crazy Uncle Lou? The family dog, King? Ask your partner to give you the low down on everyone so you know just what you’re getting into and also what you’d be able to talk about them with when you’re left to have one on one conversations with every family member.

Tip #2 – If You’re Staying the Night, Plan On Sleeping in Different Beds

It does depend on how long you’ve been dating your partner, and how old you both are. However, if they set you up in different rooms, be respectful and don’t sneak into each others’ rooms late at night. Restrain yourselves please.

Tip #3 – Bring Flowers or Wine

It is extremely respectful and customary for you to bring a gift for the hostess when being welcomed into their home. Figure out what type of wine your partner’s family likes and grab a bottle before you go.

Tip #4 – One on One Time

If you’re staying in your partner’s hometown for a few days, plan some alone time for you too. Have them give you a mini tour of the town or go to their favorite breakfast place in town one day. Just spend some alone time together to calm your nerves.

Tip #5 – Don’t Get Drunk for the Love of all Things Holy

Even if their family members are getting sloshed, restrain yourself from over-drinking. If you marry this person, you will NEVER. LIVE. DOWN. a crazy drunk story about you and your first meal with their family.

Tip #6 – Compliment Dinner !!!!

Be sure to compliment whoever prepared the dinner, whether it be you partner’s mom or dad or uncle or whoever. It’s respectful to recognize someone’s hard work especially when you’re trying to impress the fam.

Tip #7 – PDA? Naw.

Don’t get too frisky with your partner during dinner or while spending time at their house. It can be awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. Hand holding and innocent gestures are just fine but play it cool. Again, restrain yourself.

Tip #8 – Offer to Help

If you get there before dinner is fully prepared, offer to help! It’ll come across as very thoughtful and as though you have a genuine interest in making this meal easier for your partner’s parents.

Tip #9 – Be Yourself!

Don’t get caught up in trying to over-impress everyone and forget to be yourself! It’s important that your partner’s family gets to know the real you. So just relax, tell some stories, be respectful and you’ll impress the crap outta them.


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