NASH NINE: How to Make Your Bae Feel Extra Special on Valentine’s Day

Ah, Cupid’s holiday is back again. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s all about showing someone you love them and making them feel appreciated! How is that not amazing?? We’ve come up with nine ways to make your Valentine’s Day the best day ever! Here’s how you can show your bae some extra love on V Day,

Tip #1 – Flowers & Chocolate

We have to start with the most typical Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers and chocolate. No one in their right mind would say no to flowers and chocolate. I recommend having something else up your sleeve though to surprise bae with other than the usual flowers and chocolate.

Tip #2 – Build a Fort !!!

Can you actually think of a better way to spend the day? Also, I feel like building a fort can either bond you and your significant other or just completely tear you a part because building a fort can be stressful, but if you guys can build a beautiful fort together you’re probably meant to be.

Tip #3 – Cook their Favorite Meal

I absolutely love when someone cooks me dinner. I find it incredibly romantic and thoughtful. So why not cook their favorite meal and make them feel special? It’s probably cheaper than going out to eat anyway!

Tip #4 – Write a Love Letter/Poem

YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THIS. There is seriously nothing sweeter than receiving a love letter from someone you adore. It’s the absolute best.

Tip #5 – Re-create Your First Date

Okay. What. This is so cute. Please do this and post on Instagram about it because I’d probably die if someone did this for me.

Tip #6 – “100 Reasons Why I Love You”

Literally just grab a piece of paper and write down every little thing you love about them until you reach 100. HOW SWEET IS THAT.

Tip #7 – Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt with clues and inside jokes and gifts that will take them all over town to places like where you first met, when you first realized you loved them, where your first date was, etc. This will probably keep them busy all day.

Tip #8 – Plan a Weekend Getaway

Surprise bae with a weekend getaway that you planned! Take them somewhere they’ve always wanted to go or somewhere you know they’ve never been. What a sweet surprise!

Tip #9 – D. All of the Above

Okay if you do everything I’ve mentioned on this list, that’s it. You’ve done it. You win Valentine’s Day.


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