NASH Nine: Get the most out of Baseball Season

Since opening day for baseball season was last week, and baseball is Americas pastime, here are nine tips on how to get the most out of baseball season this year!

Tip #1: Learn the words to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Trust me, you do not want to be the only fan in the crowd not singing along. This is sung at literally every baseball game ever. So, google those lyric, and start practicing now!

Tip #2: Go see a Major League game!

There is nothing like a live major league baseball game. With 30 teams in the MLB, surely there is one close enough to you for you to enjoy! If not, take a road trip to a game and make a weekend out of it!

Tip #3: Buy the sports package from you TV provider.

Okay, so maybe you can’t make it to a live MLB game. That’s why we love the sports channels! Contact your TV provider and tell them you need all the baseball games, all season long!

Tip #4: Attend as many Minor League games as possible!

The minor leagues are where it’s at! The tickets are super cheap, and there are 248 minor league teams! No excuses not to attend at least one game!

Tip #5: Support your Alma Mater!

Whether it’s your college or even high school team, it’s so fun going back and supporting your old school’s athletics. Relive those glory days!

Tip #6: Buy merchandise to support your favorite team.

There is nothing better than team spirit! T-shirts and koozies are the perfect way to show your team support!

Tip #7: Tailgate!

Name something more fun than playing corn hole, grilling hotdogs, and sipping cold drinks with friends…I’ll wait. Tailgating may be the best part of any sporting event. Even if you’re not really into sports, just go for the pre-party!

Tip #8: Host a pick-up baseball game!

Bring back those childhood memories and have a back-yard baseball game with your best buds! The only difference now is, adult beverages versus water.

Tip #9: Host a World Series viewing party.

By now you have dedicated so much time enjoying baseball season, it is only right to celebrate its biggest event! Invite your friends over and root, (root root) for the home team!   


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