NASH Nine: Have a fun weekend every weekend this Spring

Spring is one of the best times in the South. Flowers are blooming, it (usually) starts warming up in March, and there is always something to do! Here are nine ways to have a good weekend, every weekend this Spring!

Tip #1: Spring season = Festival season!

There is always some sort of festival happening on the weekends! Ranging from food, art, culture, and even music festivals. Surely there is one happening in your neighborhood, but I also encourage you to travel some to experience the ones not so close!

Tip #2: Concerts, Concerts, and more Concerts!

Whether it be a big headliner or up and coming artists, there are a plethora of concerts put on in the Spring! Indoor or outdoor, both are great options for a solid weekend with friends!

Tip #3: Go to your local famers market.

Farmers markets are so much fun! Besides enjoying fresh fruit and veggies from your local producers, sometimes there are other types of vendors at the markets. You can find delicious hamburgers, fresh fish, and sometimes even art and boutiques!

Tip #4: Take your significant other to a Drive-In movie!

How sweet would this date be? You and your boyfriend/girlfriend cuddled up under the stars, enjoying a good movie. The temperature in the evenings cannot be beat for an evening spent outdoors.

Tip #5: Spend your days on the lake.

If you live in middle Tennessee, I’m sure there is a lake, at most 30 minutes away from your house. So, call that friend with a boat, or get those kayaks and canoes out of storage and take advantage of that Springtime sunshine! There are also multiple marinas in the area that you can rent boats and kayaks from.

Tip #6: Go to the park.

Get your friends together and have a picnic at the park! When is the last time you flew a kite? Maybe just take a stroll on the greenway. Any excuse to get outside is a good one and going to the park is a springtime must!

Tip #7: Find a good place for a hike!

In Tennessee, there is so much beauty hidden in the hills and valleys. You just have to hike to it to see it! Google some state parks and find what you want to see. Waterfalls, caves, or wildlife. It is all here!

Tip #8: Go to the Zoo

The zoo is a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy. Make sure to bring your sunglasses and walking shoes and enjoy the animals and the great weather.

Tip #9: Go get ice cream!

Treat yourself! The best way to end a warm weekend on the lake or at a festival is with a cold dessert!  Try finding a local ice cream shop in your area rather than a chain ice cream store. Those are always better anyway.


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