NASH Nine: Date Night Ideas

Whether you are planning for a first date or just looking for something new, we have nine ideas for date night!

#1- Zoo

No one is ever to old for the zoo! This is a perfect opportunity to bond if the relationship is new. Plus, cute photo opps!

#2- Hiking Trip

This is only a good idea if your date is okay with nature. Try to find a hiking trail that leads to a cool waterfall or a scenic outlook. *insert perfect first kiss moment*

#3- Bowling/ Pool Hall

Nothing will tell you more about a relationship than a little friendly competition! If the competition turns unfriendly, then you know to run. Run fast out of that relationship.

#4- Painting with a Twist

How much fun would it be to see who is the better artist of the two? Adding a little wine could be fun too.

#5- Go to the park and fly a kite

Flying a kite is something many people forget about by the time they turn ten years old. Turns out, it’s still fun, especially if you’re doing it with someone special!

#6- Canoeing/ Kayaking

This could be a whole day or turn it into a weekend camping trip! Spend some time soaking up with sun with your honey.

#7- Go to a concert

If y’all have the same music taste, you have won half the relationship battle!

#8- Drive-In movies

Normally, we would never suggest a movie date, because there’s no time for talking and getting to know one another. But, drive-ins are an exception because they make for great memories.

#9- Water Park/ Amusement Park

This could be another weekend trip. You can find small water parks or big amusement parks. Whatever your looking for, this is a great date idea!


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