100 Things We Love About Radio!


To celebrate World Radio Day (February 13th) and to commemorate radio’s 100th anniversary in 2020, we put together a list of the 100 Things We Love About Radio.

This was a blast to put together! We polled our on-air staff, sales team and more to come up with the 100 things we love! Head over to our Facebook page to add to our list!


  1. Firs and absolutely most important — YOU — Our listeners! You make radio what it is! We do all of this for YOU!!
  2. The people – DJs, artists, everyone you’ll meet!
  3. Music! We love music! We love bringing music to you and keeping you close to the music you love.
  4. It’s unique! Radio is different every day, no two days will ever be the same.
  5. Introducing new artists. Be among the first to support a new artist and his/her music. You get to watch artists grow into stars from the very beginning.
  6. Radio supports charity events throughout the community.
  7. Radio fundraisers for incredible causes through events and concerts.
  8. Keeps you informed of tickets and shows that non-radio you don’t know about or have the opportunity to be a part of.
  9. Radio can provide a feeling of companionship. It feels like the voice of a friend.
  10. Radio DJs help put you in a good mood by always being in a good mood!
  11. Radio creates a nice escape from daily life.
  12. Win tickets to amazing concerts!
  13. Win money $$$$!
  14. Win flyaway trips!
  15. Win coupons!
  16. Win gift cards!
  17. Win access to exclusive concerts and industry events.
  18. Win CDs, artist merchandise and more.
  19. Radio is everywhere! Easy to constantly be listening to.
  20. Easy access to music you love. Always playing your favorites.
  21. Keeps you up-to-date with community events.
  22. Keeps you informed of local news.
  23. Often the first to know and share exciting artist news.
  24. Local weather updates.
  25. Local traffic updates.
  26. Real-time emergency updates.
  27. Family-friendly *most of the time*
  28. Getting your feedback! We love to ask questions and hear/share your answers!
  29. We listen to you! We want to hear what you think, what you want to hear and more.
  30. Radio is FREE!
  31. Radio connects you to local businesses that you might need down the road.
  32. Helps you discover music you might not have listened to on their own.
  33. Specialty events! Radio stations create concert events to bring music to you.
  34. Free events! Radio loves a good free event.
  35. Radio is easy to use.
  36. Radio can help save battery life on a device.
  37. Radio often has fun merchandise and swag to give away.
  38. Radio provides great sounding and good quality music.
  39. Radio provides entertainment beyond the music through DJ personalities, creative content, music news and more!
  40. Radio is a part of the community! DJs love being at event that bring them near you. Say hi to us at your local grocery store or community event!
  41. Radio is full of surprises! You never know what we will share!
  42. Keeps you up to date on the latest fashion.
  43. Keeps you up to date on the latest restaurant or store openings
  44. Radio keeps you in the loop on the latest pop-culture trends.
  45. You and your like-minded community! We love watching radio fans connect.
  46. Freedom! Listen wherever, whenever with online streaming and station apps!
  47. Listen in your car! Radio is crucial for long road trips and getting stuck in traffic.
  48. Radio works when you don’t have service.
  49. Provides a listening ear. We love connecting with you and being there when you call.
  50. Meeting you at events!
  51. We love brightening a day by giving away a prize.
  52. Radio is an active and ever-changing industry!
  53. Creativity! DJs get to be creative with material on air and through social media.
  54. Radio is a family. We love each other and we love each of you!
  55. Creating unique experiences. We love facilitating experiences you will remember.
  56. Helping you do something they’ve never done before – try a new restaurant, go to a new event, see a new artist and more.
  57. Putting you “on-air”. It’s so fun to provide the experience of you hearing yourself on the radio for friends and family to hear.
  58. Meeting your favorite artist!
  59. Music countdowns. We love keeping you in the loop with everyone’s favorite songs.
  60. We are everywhere! Radio has a broad reach and helps keep the country connected.
  61. Listener requests. We love playing what you want to hear.
  62. Radio is a voice in the community.
  63. Radio is instant. Turn it on and off you go!
  64. Radio can create a home-away-from-home.
  65. Radio is FUN! We like to keep it light and create a stress-free experience.
  66. Radio makes you laugh. We like to think we’re funny sometimes and can help put a smile on your face.
  67. Radio acknowledges community members. We love to hear about the incredible people in our community and share their stories!
  68. Saluting our military and first responders. From special events to everyday we are honored to have a microphone and outlet to thank our heroes.
  69. Provides great advertisement opportunities. Connects you to products quickly and easily.
  70. Concert announcements! Be the first to hear about the latest shows!
  71. Live updates from concerts. Didn’t go to a show? We’ve got photos & videos to share.
  72. Concert recaps! Hear concert highlights from us first!
  73. Last minute ticket giveaways.
  74. Tickets to SOLD OUT shows!
  75. Seat upgrades and pit passes!
  76. Exclusive opportunities to “hang with” an artist.
  77. We love the nostalgia and memories that playing a certain song can bring back.
  78. Radio is a journey and we love being in it together.
  79. Radio is current! We’re bringing you news and updates that are happening NOW!
  80. Intimate performances with artists! We love having artists in studio to perform in an intimate setting.
  81. Exclusive artist interviews.
  82. Can listen to any radio station, anywhere in the world.
  83. Hearing your favorite station radio station at the local business you visit!
  84. Discounts and special offers. Who doesn’t love a Sweet Deal!
  85. Influencing the next generation of radio talent and watching someone grow.
  86. Learning different parts of the city or state by hosting events all over the area!
  87. Radio is full of surprises!
  88. Being able to talk for a living!
  89. The ability to be creative every day. Always brainstorming new ideas.
  90. Winning the battle against a competitor.
  91. Listening to music and calling it work!
  92. Lessons learned. Radio teaches people how to drive over-sized vehicles and so much more.
  93. The sound a prize wheel makes.
  94. Characters and mascots. Watching the wonder and amazement of a child when they meet their favorite mascot.
  95. Creating life-long memories and friendships from radio.
  96. Working in promotions, you can learn all the ways to navigate around a city.
  97. Station T-shirts. Don’t we all have a collection?!
  98. Learning all the different ways to use duct tape, cassette tapes and roll banner.
  99. Learning how to correctly pronounce streets and cities.
  100. Free food


Thanks for listening! Happy World Radio Day from NASH FM 103.3!



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